SPS Concrete Pile Cushions

SYP Plywood Cushions for Concrete Piles of all types, including Square Piles,Cylinder Piles and Sheet Piles of any size or thickness; shipped nationwide, from New England to Hawaii, from California to Florida

sm_Rigolets Bridge
Square, Solid Layer Cushions
Square, Hollow (to match pile void)

SPS CONCRETE PILE CUSHIONS are fabricated to suit the customer’s requirements and are provided as preformed blocks. Blocks are constructed of new plywood materials with minimal voids. These blocks can be supplied to fit square or round drive caps. Square blocks can be provided with or without clipped corners. Larger square blocks can be provided with center voids to match the shape of the pile when required. All cushions are palletized and shrink wrapped for shipping and short term on site storage. SPS can also provide single pieces of plywood, cut to specified dimensions for fabrication on site or used to adjust cushion thickness to meet varying driving or job conditions.


SPS CYLINDER PILE CUSHIONS are constructed of layers of new plywood materials with minimal voids, to achieve the required thickness (cushion height). Each layer consists of segments having a curved outer and either straight or curved inner edge, uniformly fitted to each adjacent, neighboring piece to form a continuous, “Donut” shaped ring. Each layer is nailed to form a fixed unit. The joints of the neighboring segments in each layer are staggered in relation to the joints of the layers above and below to provide a lapping effect, strengthening the entire cushion. The Outside Diameter is sized to meet the drive cap and pile dimensions with the Inside Dimension providing for wall thickness as required. All cushions are palletized and “shrink wrapped” for shipping and to provide short term on-site weather protection until use.

SPS-HD CUSHIONS (for hard driving situations)

SPS-HD Cushions are fabricated using a proprietary system to provide a tighter, more durable cushion. SPS-HD Cushions are job proven to better withstand the demands of hard driving projects, reducing the need to change cushions mid driving and saving rig and crew downtime.